Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
Zanam foundation

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a non profitable, non governmental organization (NGO) which helps children living in orphanage and slum areas. The foundation of ZANAMFOUNDATION is led by                 .

ZANAMFOUNDATION was established some time before the world was struck by COVID-19. The zeal of helping children is so strong in the people working for the NGO that even the virus could not hold them back.

Even in critical times like this the foundation regularly helped the orphanages and people living in slum areas by providing proper food ,masks and sanitizers. They even tried to spread awareness about the virus and how one can be safe.

They helped the orphanages with money and by providing study materials and stuff like drawing books , learning videos and other things so that nothing can stop the growth of the children living there. People working in the NGO even provide their physical presence and engage themselves with kids by playing with them and getting involved in other activities.

Their sole motive is to provide needy kids with all the basic things that they need to grow and basic hygiene facilities so that they don’t have to suffer from diseases. Proper care of their diet is taken; they are given fruits ,juices and what not to maintain a balanced diet.

The people who are associated with the NGO themselves are basically completing their education. The present youth of our nation is trying to make the upcoming youth stable enough so that they can grow and make the world a better place for themselves as well as everyone.

Youngsters are the future of our nation. How their life is shaped will result in how they will shape the future of our country. The NGO is trying to provide the opportunity that everyone deserves .

By Mohd Zaki

Mohd Zaki who was born on 7 November 2002 in Ghaziabad is an entrepreneur known for companies like ‘firenetinfotech’ and ‘brandingglory' ' Theghaziabadtimes' 'asiantimesnow'. Since his childhood, he had very much interest in technology and that’s why he decided to make his career in the digital marketing field. Today, he is known as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who has helped many clients and companies to grow their online presence.

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