Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

A video of a woman ‘wearing’ a mehendi shirt with a saree has gone viralThe woman chosen to get a mehendi design drawn over her body instead of wearing a blouseNetizens savaged her style clarification as one joked, “How to save silai ka pesa”

The wedding season is going full force. On the off chance that you have glanced through your electronic media feed lately, you most likely run over photos and accounts of people sharing the outfits they wore to the weddings of their associates, family members or relatives. A video of a woman ‘wearing’ a mehendi sweatshirt with her saree has surfaced on the web.

Mehendi is a passing tattoo that is produced using powdered dry leaves of the henna plant to draw enhancing plans regularly on hands or legs.

The video which has coursed around the web on Instagram has stacked up more than 1.23 lakh sees. Netizens were not astonished with the woman’s style decree.

One customer said, “Plan ke naam pe kuch bhi ??? Kuch to sharam karo.” Another commented, “Haha… I mean okay… but why notwithstanding?!” Yet one more joked, “How to save silai ka pesa.”

By Mohd Zaki

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