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Salim Diwan

If we talk about Bollywood stars who are involved in organic farming, then Bollywood actor Salim Diwan also possessed 64 acres of land in his Wada Farm House in Mumbai. Organic farming in India began in Madhya Pradesh and subsequently extended to several states. However, in 2013, after making the decision to go organic and being inspired by the novel planting technique developed by the Japanese botanist and environmental specialist D. Akira Miyawaki, I began organic farming.

Every Bollywood actor has a distinct favourite way to spend their free time, but they all agree that their farmhouse is where they love to unwind. The true definition of a hero is someone who wakes up to bring about change in society, as well as someone who sends a positive message to society via the good deeds of those who live around us, as well as someone who continues to do good work for society in any circumstance. Bollywood actor Salim Diwan, a nature enthusiast, lives a similar lifestyle and makes an effort to spend his time doing good deeds for the sake of society. Salim Diwan, an actor, always has plenty of resources, ideas, and support to help the community and anyone in need. He is always thinking about what is best for society, and he approaches all good deeds with a pure heart.

He conducted a thorough investigation into the Japanese Miyawaki Method.

Salim Diwan, a rising star in Indian cinema, revealed that he had done extensive research on the Miyawaki method, which separated plants from one another. Plants are placed two and a half feet apart, which causes them to grow closely together and prevents the sun’s rays from directly hitting the ground. Weeds do not develop around the plants because there is not enough light, and the soil is still damp. As a result of sunshine, the plants’ higher portions grow upward. The plant’s height is increased by two using the Miyawaki method. Plants are being crammed into smaller and smaller spaces. Salim Diwan, an actor, planted a mango, the national fruit of India, as his first step toward organic farming using the Miyawaki method in the same episode. On his organic farm, he planted roughly 22,000 mango trees, giving the market a sizable supply of mangoes as well as the ability to use the delectable mangoes grown 100% organically.

Produced from organic farming should be available in every home.

Salim Diwan contends that because we now produce our fruits and vegetables using chemicals and make the medications we consume from chemical fertilisers, there is now at least one person suffering from an illness in every home. Although naturally generated commodities are rarely found on the market and are utilised everywhere, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are not used in organic farming because of this. Fruits and vegetables produced by organic farming will be available to every family if agriculture is practised in every state utilising green manure and compost to preserve the growth and fertility of the soil. Numerous fruits, including the mango, are grown using organic methods.

Salim Diwan, an actor, like mangos and considers them to be his favourite fruit. However, he always prioritises protecting nature since without it, no one would be able to enjoy this juicy and delicious mango. He stated that since 2013, organic farming has been practised at Wada’s Diwan Agro Farm, where products such as the national fruit, mango, as well as Chikku, Pear, Banana, Papaya, Kanju, Almond, Arecanut, Jamun, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Wada Rice, Organic Tur Dal, and Jackfruit are delivered to residents of Mumbai. Utilizing the products of organic gardening, residents of several Mumbai neighbourhoods are benefiting. He claimed that Diwan Agro Farm, where many different species of mangoes have been planted and where organic farming of Kaiser mango, Apus mango, Tautapuri mango, and Daseri mango is being done, has specially planted 22,000 mango saplings.

In Every Crop, 10 Tons Of Mangoes Are Ready.

About 10 tonnes of different varieties of mangoes, grown organically at Diwan Agro Farm House in Wada, are prepared each time and shipped to many other states in addition to Maharashtra.

These are the advantages that organic farming will provide for farmers.

Salim Diwan, an actor who loves the outdoors, said that organic farming produces food that is healthy, delicious, and full of nutrients while using relatively little chemical fertiliser and hybrid seeds. The ecology and the soil are not harmed by organic farming, which is environmentally benign. He claimed that greater yield and fewer illnesses had enhanced farmer revenue. Additionally, rising international demand may help you become a successful exporter.

Farmers are inspired to practise organic farming after seeing the environment’s pollution. Salim Diwan, an actor, stated that organic farming is a special action in the interest of society and that it will be helpful and important in changing the state and direction of society. India is regarded as an agricultural nation; around 70% of its inhabitants depend on agriculture for a living, which causes the majority of the rural population to remain impoverished. Due to the usage of chemical fertilisers, growth regulators, pesticides, and bio-fertilizers produced in factories, more than half of the population of the nation is becoming more and more contaminated. If organic farming is practised there, India’s development will directly benefit from it. Since the previous 10 to 15 years, organic farming has gained popularity in the nation, and as a result, it is now practised in every state. Salim Diwan, an actor, has volunteered to do good actions in the area of organic farming.

Salim Diwan, a lover of nature

Actor Salim Diwan loves the environment and nature, which is why he only accepts jobs that further those interests while also protecting both our environment and himself from chemical exposure. Work on it. As a result, he began organic farming, which aids in the quick growth of trees. He said that we continually take action to preserve nature in its natural habitat.





Media Coverage & Written by: Anup Kumar Sinha

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