Tue. Oct 4th, 2022
Sachin ShindeSpeaks About How He Established As A Well-Known Brand

While some people strive to work with big and well-known brands, some people work hard and establish themselves as brands. Sachin, a creative maverick works dedicatedly by himself to become a brand. He started his journey as a photographer and later expanded by starting his own social media marketing company named . “Always work for yourself and by yourself and make sure to be a better version every day. Sachin  is not just a name, it’s a brand which I have built by slogging day and night”,

It was during school he realized his potential for photography. He bought a cell phone for himself in which he started clicking pictures. Initially, he clicked pictures of his friends for free but with time he learned the art and completely involved himself in it. As of today, he has worked on a lot of projects like wedding shoots, indoor and outdoor shoots, model photography, product photography, corporate shoots among others. He has also covered many political events and has built connections with well-known politicians like Devendra Fadnavis. The young and talented photographer has captured Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Raosaheb Danve and many others in his lens.

What better than Sachin market himself? Yes, you heard that right. With great social media marketing skills, he has not just been promoting himself but has also helped many small-scale brands and startups to build its presence on social media. He has his presence almost on every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin. “Every person has access to the internet in the country, and most of the time they spend surfing on social media. Brands need to establish themselves over such popular apps and my work is to help them build and grow on the digital domain”, stated Sachin. Moreover, the 29-year old is also working on several other projects which he will reveal soon.

By Mohd Zaki

Mohd Zaki who was born on 7 November 2002 in Ghaziabad is an entrepreneur known for companies like ‘firenetinfotech’ and ‘brandingglory' ' Theghaziabadtimes' 'asiantimesnow'. Since his childhood, he had very much interest in technology and that’s why he decided to make his career in the digital marketing field. Today, he is known as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who has helped many clients and companies to grow their online presence.

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