Sun. Nov 27th, 2022
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Exnos Gaming and the Incredible YouTube Journey of an Ordinary Boy

With so many next-generation players entering space in recent years, the Indian gaming landscape is rapidly changing. Nobody would have believed that one could build a stable career out of gaming even a few years ago. However, the emergence of cutting-edge gaming technologies and the spread of YouTube culture are putting gaming’s job prospects in India to the test. Being a good player, he has continued to film, edit, and upload his gaming videos using his phone, keeping the calibre at the established levels. After seeing significant success in his eSports career, Sooraj is currently pushing the edge and working with his gaming peers to create a thriving eSports environment.To establish himself as a more approachable and knowledgeable figure in the Battle Grounds Mobile India community, he has even joined an eSports organization.Sooraj is destined to alter the conventional perception connected with video games in India with such a level of dedication.

The Indian gaming and esports environment, along with the element of content creation, has been expanding and changing quickly, enabling creators to carve out a place for themselves. Many people had a faraway ambition of having a stable profession in gaming. However, this is no longer the case in India, where people are gradually discovering the genuine quality of the sector and appreciating the sacrifice and hard work that went into it.

Exnos’s long-term struggle to acquire the bike of his dreams revealed a lot about his willpower and frame of mind. “He is someone who would never lose or give up lightly,” Dheeraj, Sooraj’s brother, said. He will do whatever is on his mind with effort and complete focus. He has developed that attitude. Exnos has converted what began as a little YouTube project into a career path, and millions of people look up to him.

Exnos described his eventual entry into streaming and GTA V RolePlay while recalling how he used to edit videos while travelling to and from college. He took advantage of every chance he was given. He made effective use of his bunk bed in the college dorm to create a temporary streaming setup. He had put lights and a green screen beneath the bed’s lower bunk while using his laptop to stream online. All of his effort has finally paid off.

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