Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
Aadi Belnekar

With new and reviving music patterns assuming control over media outlets in 2021, EDM music has indeed figured out how to get the hearts of many, as individuals struggle investing energy inside the four dividers of the house. The most recent EDM music has come as an alleviation to many individuals, explicitly to the craving for new experiences and celebration fans who have been not able to partake in their hear out with the pandemic around the bend.

Aadi Belnekar or better known by ADDYWIZ, chose to increase current standards for EDM music with his most recent deliveries in the year 2020 with his singles, “How about we get” it and “Caught” that dipped in and snatched the hearts of numerous inside the couple of long stretches of it’s delivery. Aside from his expert profession, he chose to make a stride further in making something advantageous this mid year when he coincidentally found a couple of music takes note of that he had made some time before. At long last choosing to push ahead with it, he delivered his initial two tunes which are accessible in Spotify and youtube under the name, ADDYWIZ.

Following the accomplishment of the equivalent, he delivered his new tunes “Venus”, “Firecracker” and “Energy” this year, with which he means to impact more music aficionados to the universe of EDM music. Watching the audience members completely appreciated and moving to his music is the superb support for Addywiz to make a greater amount of his sorcery in music.

“EDM has been bursting splendidly and appears to totally overwhelm the music business. This sort of music can gain you energized experiences, explicitly the ones that are related with thrilling feelings, for example, gatherings or amusement park rides. This will be an additional benefit and joy to numerous who have been stuck at their homes this lockdown. I need to have the option to acquire a grin everybody and be associated with the sort of satisfaction that my music can give”, says Addywiz.

Reviewing the reactions and positive remarks that he got in regards to his deliveries, Addywiz can ensure the rebound of EDM after a break for a serious long time. “My music an affects the more youthful ages to a degree and I might to be sure want to share my joy in regards to that. However, this isn’t sufficient for me, nor the substance of EDM music. I’m wanting to work more on my investigates and make music that anyone can tap their arms and legs to. More amazements are on the way in”, says Addywiz.

By Mohd Zaki

Mohd Zaki who was born on 7 November 2002 in Ghaziabad is an entrepreneur known for companies like ‘firenetinfotech’ and ‘brandingglory' ' Theghaziabadtimes' 'asiantimesnow'. Since his childhood, he had very much interest in technology and that’s why he decided to make his career in the digital marketing field. Today, he is known as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who has helped many clients and companies to grow their online presence.

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